Why choose personalEYES?

We know that your vision and the treatment of your eyes is an important, personal decision. So, why choose us?

  • Our vast experience and reputation We have many years of successful treatment, as well as highly-experienced surgeons with impeccable records. Our Surgeons has a combined experience of over 48 years.
  • Our unwavering commitment to safety Our patients’ wellbeing is our priority. Vigorous testing, highly trained team, equipment is calibrated before every case. OT is temp and humidity control 24hrs of the day back power supply and accredited by BUPA. Staff entrusting our surgeons with their surgery.
  • Our personalised care We ensure the treatment is the right one for you and your needs.
  • Our advanced equipment We are at the cutting edge of technology and surgical procedures. We have the latest model of the excimer laser and software updates

Our surgeons specialise in refractive surgical outcomes.

They have performed on people who come to PE from all walks of life. We have treated media personalities, engineers, journalist, trade professional, defence operatives, pilots, police force, lawyers, doctors and optometrist – we tailor our treatments to the needs of our patients. We have performed surgery on other doctors, surgeons and optometrist who are well-informed about this procedure. This includes our staff and doctors. people who rely on their vision for livelihood. They have extensive publication history and even have patents in ophthalmology. As leaders in their field, personalEYES will personalise your vision care with the technique that is best suited for your eyes.

Vast experience and reputation

  • Our surgeons between them have over 48 years of ophthalmic experience with thousands of procedures.
  • We are one of the most experienced corrective eye surgery groups in Australasia.
  • We have many years of clinical experience correcting the vision of thousands of patients using a variety of techniques, successfully performing tens of thousands of vision correcting procedures.
  • We’re proud of the reputation for excellence that has been earned over many years. Our surgeons are of the most respected and sought after specialists for training in Refractive surgery. They are regularly invited to lecture and speak at medical symposiums.
  • As an approved vision correction centre, we help develop, test and establish protocols for new, state of the art vision correction procedures.


Our unwavering commitment to safety

  • Double-checking eye measurements and calibrating the equipment before each procedure.

  • personalEYES equipment is designed for maximum safety and includes the latest WaveLight® advanced  1050Hz evolved eye-tracking technology for custom treatments.

  • Our dust-free clean room environment and power back up systems are features typically found only in major hospitals

Personalised care - the personalEYES way

Every pair of eyes is unique. That’s why the treatment you receive and the patient care you enjoy is completely personalised to your needs.

As leaders in their field, our team is able to offer vision correction options other than traditional cataract or laser vision correction, and will personalise your vision care with the technique that is best suited for your eyes.

We routinely offer multifocal vision solutions and the newest vision correction techniques. These treatments allow us to assist more patients to leave our clinics without glasses or contact lenses enabling them to enjoy a Lifetime Of Vision.

Our advanced equipment

Procedures are performed onsite in our state-of-the-art facility.

The personalEYES technology commitment means we continually upgrade our equipment and software to the most advanced, safest and verified standards. We have the latest equipment which our surgeons believe are the best of the laser platform in the industry.



We'd love to help you experience the freedom of better vision!