SMILE Laser Surgery

What is SMILE Laser Surgery?

When it comes to refractive eye surgery, there are plenty of medical jargons in describing the procedures. However, essentially there are only two type’s procedures. One which works on the cornea (LASIK, TransPRK,SMILE) and other which involves implanting an extra lens into the eye (ICL).

Here, we talk about our latest treatment, SMILE, or Small Incision Lenticule Extraction.

SMILE is a relatively new form of laser eye surgery. It draws parallels to LASIK, with the same goals of cornea alteration to improve eyesight. However, where LASIK involves the cutting of the corneal flap with an excimer laser, SMILE does the same thing, without the flap.

Essentially what happens with SMILE, is that the surgeon, using a femtosecond laser, removes tissue inside your cornea, without having to cut the surface in order to gain access. It is as minimally invasive to your cornea, as possible.

With this procedure, what results is less risk, less complications and a higher predictive rate of success and effectiveness.


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